LightSpeed Productions

LSP is the region's premier Production Studio & Event Photography Company. Whatever the size and nature of your needs, we have a host of services we provide. We offer Complete Corporate Identity services, Product Photography, and a Multitude of Event Services including onsite photo printing.

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Spalding University Graduation 2019
Bellarmine Grad Fair 2019 - 10 - 2PM
Bellarmine Grad Fair 2019 - 4-6PM
Marine Corp Birthday Ball 2018 - Recruiting Station
Marine Corp Birthday Ball 2018 - Fort Knox
Spalding Graduation 2018
Bellarmine Spring Commencement 2018
Bellarmine Winter Commencement 2017
Spalding Spring Graduation 2017
Bellarmine Spring Commencement 2017
Bellarmine Winter Commencement 2016
Spalding Spring Commencement 2016
Bellarmine Spring Commencement 2016
Bellarmine Winter Commencement 2015
Spalding Graduation 2015
Bellarmine Spring Graduation 2015
Bellarmine Winter Graduation 2014
Bellarmine Spring Graduation 2014
Spalding Graduation 2014